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Buy 3C national standard power cord must choose regular manufacturers
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-03-28

3C GB power cord plug quality directly affects people's lives and property safety, so we choose the power cord manufacturers must choose the regular power cord manufacturers. In the purchase of power cord plug, depending on the appearance of the product, the surface is smooth and shiny, jack size is accurate, with or without burrs and flash; look at the relevant signs, because these signs are correct instructions for people to use and install importance. Then, try plug the plug to see if the plug can be inserted into the bottom of the socket, not too loose nor too tight. Too loose, it will lead to bad contact, use will produce a very high temperature; too tight, very inconvenient to use, may be the location of the insert or quality problems. These are important indicators of the importance of the use and installation of people, but also to ensure that our personal and property safety of the extremely important safety standards.

Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Co., Ltd. is a regular power cord manufacturers, with advanced manufacturing technology, the main production 3C national standard power lines, the EU power lines, braided wire, spring line, car charge line, switch line, lamp line. I have independent research and development team, in the continuous development of new products, products can be used in automotive power, computer microcomputer, electrical and electronic, lighting, lighting, household appliances, power tools, industrial machinery and other industries.