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3C national standard power supply line of five criteria
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-03-28

Each country's power lines have their own specifications, of course, our national standard power cord is no exception. If the power cord does not meet the specifications can not be in the market circulation. So how is it to measure the 3C national standard power line?

Standard 1: appearance GB power cord on the appearance of the wire and packaging has a clear provision. In line with the national standard power cord must be certified signs, manufacturers, wire diameter and other product description written clearly. At present, the market most of the popular power lines are not meet the appearance requirements, not without the manufacturer is not marked certification mark. Once the absence of these external instructions, then it does not belong to the national standard wire.
Standard two: mechanical strength of the general national standard power line mechanical strength must be high. Because the national standard power cord to use a very wide range, some of the range of its relatively high mechanical strength, if not, then you can not use. So that we must use a relatively strong mechanical strength, so that it should be transported more widely.
Standard three: jacket insulation
3C GB power cord insulation performance is also relatively high, the general jacket insulation is generally greater than 100MΩ, the pressure strength must be 1500V or less.
Standard four: line resistance generally meet the national standard power line resistance is a strict standard wire diameter, conductivity, resistance. If not satisfied in these three areas, then the power line can not be used to do the national standard, otherwise it will give users more trouble.
Standard five: high and low temperature because the power cord to use the environment is different, but they have the same characteristics, that is, must have a good resistance to high and low temperature performance. General power line in the high temperature impact of 159 degrees below the low temperature below minus 34 degrees Celsius and no cracks and other phenomena, then you can make the power cord in line with national standard.

Only to achieve the above five criteria can be regarded as qualified 3C national standard power cord. Consumers must purchase the GB to meet the specifications of the national standard power cord.