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A Brief Analysis of the Structure of Twisted - Woven
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-05-24

Now most of the twisted weave used mainly consists of three parts, from outside to inside, respectively, for the jacket layer, insulation, conductive core. In simple terms, the difference between the cable and the cable is not strictly limited, in a broad sense, the cable structure is relatively complex. There is a complex jacket layer, the structure of the wire compared to the cable is relatively simple.

Twisted braided wire conductive core is used to transmit current, and now generally use the high conductivity of the copper core and aluminum core, can effectively reduce the power loss and reduce the voltage. Twisted braid of the role of the insulation layer is to prevent the current leakage in the radial direction to ensure the use of safe, twisted braid insulation layer must have good insulation properties and heat resistance, but also have a certain strength.

Weaving is a kind of jacket layer or outer sheath, depending on the material used and the different parts of the structure, the weaving layer will have a different role.

1, fiber braid

Is a light protective layer, mainly to protect the twisted braided wire to reduce a variety of light, temperature, moisture and other erosion and external forces damage, to protect the twisted pair brace can be safe and normal use.

2, metal braided layer

There are two kinds of metal braided layer, copper braided layer with wire braid. Copper wire braided layer is the main feature is to effectively protect the electromagnetic interference, remove the twisted pair of braided wire surface potential shielding effect, remove the induction power, in addition to the role of security protection, timely feedback leakage situation. The main feature of the wire braid is a good mechanical protection, can withstand greater tension, but also shield the magnetic field, the use of more at ease.

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