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GB power cord plug selection criteria
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-04-19

GB power cord plug is an important medium for power transmission, people should be safe and efficient starting point to select the power cord quality assurance.

1, certificate inspection.

In the purchase of products, the first need to check the product quality inspection certificate, only through professional quality inspection and access to power cord certificate is the most trusted, otherwise it is substandard products.

2, cross-section inspection.

Most of the national standard power cord plug wire is the use of copper or aluminum as the main conductive medium, you can identify the quality of the media to determine the authenticity of the product. The metal part is black or white, indicating that the media oxidation, which will greatly affect the conductivity of the media, and even potential security risks. High-quality power cord, the surface of the media bright colors, no burr, smooth, full of toughness.

3, length check.

Select the wire length according to your specific needs. According to the specific decoration of furniture and decoration design in advance to understand the length of the power cord, do a good job in order to quickly and effectively find the right product.

Only to choose the quality assurance of the power cord, in order to ensure that our good life, in order to continue our good life refueling.

My company specializes in the production of national power lines, the European standard power lines, the US standard power lines, the national standard power lines and other products, has access to national power cord certification, quality and reliable, welcome to call the hotline to contact us.