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GB power cord plug damage caused by the reasons
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-04-19

The life of any thing is limited, the power cord and cable is no exception, so we come together to understand why the national standard power cord plugs to reduce the life of the reasons.

If the power cord and cable speed is too large, the cable speed is too large, will lead to cable speed drop is greater than the downhole instrument rate of decline. This is because the buoyancy of the underground instrument cable is less than the buoyancy, causing the cable tension, the top of the cable is stacked in the underground instrument. Improper use of this cable will cause a substantial damage to the cable, cable life greatly reduced.

This damage may result in failure of the cable core and sheath, as well as the amount of error in the depth measurement. Due to the rapid increase in mining cable caused by loose or armored cable tension changes, which will make the cable diameter changes, resulting in logging difficult. The change in jacket length varies with the cable diameter, and finally sets the wire between the strands to form an open space, resulting in frequent correction of the jacket diameter and pitch. Conductive core is also frequently adjusted. Resulting in elastic copper core conductive kink in kink, deformation and fracture form.

Cable speed changes quickly, inappropriate to change the drum speed method will cause damage to the cable. Any changes in the cable in the move should be gradual, do not suddenly beating. Due to the large inertia of the speed of the bulky object (downhole instrument), it is accompanied by a huge stress and cable tension.

When we find that the national standard power cord plug and cable life has been greatly reduced, we must replace it, so that our people and life is guaranteed.