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Twist braided wire process requirements
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-05-24

My company's main twisted-pair weaving line, the national standard power lines, color braided wire, braided wire power lines and other products to support customized power cord specifications, materials. My company has a number of national certification, product quality and reliable. Small surface small series on the simple talk about twisted braided wire surface production requirements and technology.

The process requirements for knitting machines

1, the control device to be sensitive, easier to adjust.

2, broken rate is low, broken or wireless is to be able to automatically stop, the production action sensitive and smooth.

3, traction device to stabilize the spindle without collision phenomenon.

4, weaving pitch stability, line stocks evenly, weaving density to be uniform.

5, the equipment of the transmission system remained stable.

6, cable pitch stability.

The braid density of the twisted braided wire surface is defined as the ratio of the surface covered by the strands and the surface of the entire braided wire and cable product. When the ratio of these two numbers is close to 1, the braid is seamless and the ratio is less than 1 There is a uniform distribution of the gap, and the smaller the ratio, the gap will be greater. In addition, the number of single-stranded twisted braided yarns can not be increased or decreased casually.

For the twisted pair power cord, the user is most concerned about the near-end crosstalk, attenuation, distributed capacitance, impedance characteristics, DC resistance of these indicators. Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Co., Ltd. strictly control the production process, good safety performance, welcomed the new and old customers to inquire to buy.