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3C GB power line measurement standards
Edit:Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-07-17

3C GB power cord is the source of many fires, seemingly humble 3C GB power cord is often a security risk, choose high-quality 3C national standard power cord is to reduce the harm of the method. 3C GB power cord is generally packaged with the electrical package, in the formal channels to buy regular brand of electrical power supply, to buy fake the probability is relatively low, and other electrical appliances will generally be equipped with after-sales service, if the 3C national standard power line is a problem But also can be found after the sale of maintenance. In order to ensure safety, countries have also developed a number of standards to limit the poor production of power lines. How does the country dictate the standard for the power cord?


1, 3 GB GB power cord appearance standards, the wire must have a certification mark, manufacturers, wire diameter, ground yellow-green insulation.

2, mechanical strength.

3, jacket insulation (generally greater than 100MΩ) and compressive strength (500V below 1500V).

4, line resistance (a certain diameter, conductivity, length is not greater than a certain resistance).

5, the impact of high temperature 150 degrees, low temperature -30 degrees under the wire shall not be cracking, etc. GB and non-national standard distinction between the national standard line is 100 ± 0.5 m / volume non-standard line only 60-75 m / volume.

Yuyao City Aoteng Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional production of 3C national standard power lines, the US regulatory power lines, the EU power lines, all kinds of braided wire and other products manufacturers, power line specifications, length, material can be customized according to requirements, Have been rigorous testing performance, you can feel at ease to use.

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